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Liquid Filling Machines for filling of edible oil, ketchup, juices, liqueurs, winegar and other liquids in food, chemical & pharmaceutical industry into PET or glass bottles

  • PET or Glass Liquid Filling Machines with Low- or High-Vacuum Fillers (for liquids with higher consistency) or with Volumetric Fillers
    Output ranging from 500 BPH up to 40 000 BPH
    Filling & packaging of PET or glass bottles 0,2 - 2,5 ltr or PET gallons 6, 10 or 19 ltr
  • Fully automated complete filling lines composed from new or refurbished liquid filling machines
    Full guarantee granted on restored equipment. Capital repair executed in our Czech workshop
  • Custom completed liquid filling lines: every component chosen individually depending on customer`s wishes
    Bottling machines are custom designed according to customer`s bottles and caps
  • Filling into PET bottles is performed by low-vacuum fillers (linear or rotary) combined with rinser, capper (screw-corker) and labeller in Monoblocks, Triblocks or Superblocks
  • Automatic hot melt labellers for circumferential paper label application
    Labelling machines (automats) for application of front, neck & back label
  • Bottle conveyors, unscramblers, bottle inspectors, bottle-packaging machines adapted to lay-out and requirements
  • PET Bottle Blowing Equipment offered standartly with PET bottling lines
  • Liquid filling line project (lay out), Supervised Installation on-site, Setting into operation, Personnel training & Transportation of equipment are provided in one packet with liquid filling machines
  • Service & Spare parts available any time of year
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