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Complete Kegging Plants for filling of beer, wine or soft drinks into KEG barrels

  • KEG filling lines with output range 10 – 120 KEGs per hour
    Filling of all standartly used KEG types and sizes
  • Custom completed filling lines: every component chosen individually depending on customer’s wishes
  • External and internal KEG washers. Wide range of KEG filling machines:
    simple manual & semiautomatic KEG Washers / Fillers, output 10 - 15 barrels per hour
    automatic KEG washing & KEG filling machines, speed 15 - 120 KEGs per hour (15 – 120 drums, barrels / hr)
  • KEG chain-conveyors, depalletizing & palletizing equipment, KEG capping machines, KEG turners, and CIP stations custom designed according to customer’s requirements and kegging line project
  • Kegging plant project (lay out), Supervised Installation on-site, Setting into operation, Personnel training & Transportation of equipment are provided in one packet with kegging equipment
  • Service & Spare parts available any time of year