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Small Manual Bottling & Kegging Equipment

manual filler pepa 2Highly reliable, portable and cost-effective machines for filling, capping, labeling and packaging beverages into glass or PET bottles. Simple installation, operation & maintenance. Suitable & affordable bottling solution for small water/ beverage plants, wineries, distilleries, edible-oil plants, microbreweries, pubbreweries..
Isobaric linear filler PEPA-2 2 filling valves, Capacity 30 to 300 BPH on 0.33 & 0.5 ltr bottles
Crown Corker ULK1 1 capping head, Capacity 30 to 300 BPH on 0.33 & 0.5 ltr bottles
Screw-Capper ULP1 for PET bottles
Rotational Labeller Lina Hand Capacity up to 400 BPH
KEG-Filler M KEG 1 Output/Speed up to 20 KEGs per hour

Semiautomatic Bottling & Kegging Machines

semiautomatic filler capper pepa 2 - 2Low-cost but efficient easy-to-operate bottling equipment for smaller bottle-filling plants combining high filling speed/ output with small space & personnel requirements.
Isobaric rotary Filler/Capper PEPA- 2/2 2 filling valves / 2 capping heads, Capacity up to 500 BPH 0.5 ltr bottles
Bottle Rinser VLr for rinsing of new non-returnable bottles, Capacity up to 1000 BPH
Bottle Washer ML 400 with OB1 soaking drum for washing of returnable glass bottles, Capacity 500 BPH
ENOS 800 Labelling Machine - body & neck labels

Automatic Bottling Equipment / Plants

bottle filler Bottle Rinsers, Filler, Cappers & Crown-Corkers working single or combined in Monoblocks, Triblocks or Superblocks, highly efficient, reliable, with minimum floor-space requirements.
Isobaric rotary escapement Filler PEPA-4: 4 filling valves, Capacity 900 BPH on 0.5 ltr bottles
Isobaric rotary escapement Filler PEPA-6: 6 filling valves, Output 1.300 BPH on 0.5 ltr bottles
Crown Corker ZLK1: 1 capping head, Capacity up to 3.000 BPH
ENOS 1200 Labeller: body & neck labels Capacity 1.200 BPH

Triblock PEPA 9/9/1: Rinser/ Filler/ Capper, Capacity 2.500 BPH on 0.5 ltr bottles
Superblock PEPA 9/9/1/1: Rinser/ Filler/ Capper/ Labeller, Capacity 2.500 BPH on 0.5 ltr bottles
Monoblock PEPA 12/4: Filler/ Crown-Corker, Capacity 3000 BPH on 0.5 ltr bottles
Carbonators & Drink-Mixing Units MIX2 up to MIX14, output 900 - 25000 BPH

Triblock PEPA 15/15/5: Rinser/ Filler/ Capper, output 5000 BPH on 0.33 / 1900 BPH on 1.5 ltr PET-bottles
Triblock PEPA 18/24/6: Rinser/ Filler/ Capper, output 7000 BPH on 0.5 / 3000 BPH on 1.5 ltr PET-bottles
Triblock PEPA 18/30/6: Rinser/ Filler/ Capper, output 11000 BPH on 0.33 / 3800 BPH on 1.5 ltr PET-bottles
Monoblock PEPA 36/8: Filler/ Crown-Corker, filling output 13500 BPH on 0.33 / 6500 BPH on 1.0 ltr bottles
Monoblock PEPA 50/10: Filler/ Crown-Corker, filling output 18000 BPH on 0.33 / 15000 BPH on 0.5 ltr bottles
Triblock PEPA 60/60/12: Rinser/ Filler/ Capper, output 25000 BPH on 0.33 / 9000 BPH on 1.5 ltr PET-bottles
Our automatic botlting machines completed with proper PET-blowers, Bottle-Unscramblers, Carbonators & Drink-Mixing Units, Shrink-Wrappers & Palletizers are suitable for bigger bottling plants with capacity ranging from 4000 up to 25000 bottles per hour.

Automatic Kegging Lines for filling of beer, wine or soft drinks

KEG-Washing & KEG-Filling Machines, KEG-Capping Machines, KEG Conveyors, KEG Turners

   Our Latest Bottling Solutions:

new  PEPA 2/1, PEPA 3/1, PEPA 4/1, PEPA 6/2

Semiautomatic Linear Filler / Capper
Size range: 2 to 6 filling valves with 1 or 2 capping heads
Output range: 250 to 700 bph 0,5 ltr bottles
Easy to Operate Filling & Capping Device. Most Favourable Pricing in Semiautomats Suitable & Affordable for smaller bottling operations: small microbreweries, small beverage & oil plants Available as Filler/Capper in completion with Bottle Rinser

new  PEPA mini

automatic filler PEPA Mini
Smallest & Most Affordable Automatic Bottling Solution
Suitable for small business: microbreweries, small water/beverage plants, small wineries, edible-oil plants, small distilleries
Size range: 6 to 12 filling valves
Output: 1600 to 4000 bph 0,5 ltr bottles
Available as single Filler or Monoblock-Filler/Capper or Triblock-Rinser/Filler/Capper